My loved one has passed away from COVID-19. What do I do?

If you are considering using our services, contact us by phone immediately at 914-375-1400 to go over the options that you are entitled to for the funeral services. One of our Funeral Directors will carefully explain your options. 

Can my family still have a service for my loved one even though they passed away from COVID-19?

YES. Your family is entitled to the same funeral services just as someone who did not pass away from COVID-19. COVID-19 does not need to affect whether the funeral takes place through burial or cremation and the wishes of your deceased family member or friend may continue to be honored.

Can I have an open casket viewing for my loved one who died from COVID-19? 

YES. According to the CDC website, "There is currently no known risk associated with being in the same room at a funeral service or visitation with the body of a deceased person who had confirmed or suspected COVID-19 after the body has been prepared for viewing." Our funeral firm REQUIRES that any person be embalmed prior to ANY viewing. This requirement allows our firm to protect the safety our your family as well as our staff. 

How can we safely follow the wishes of my loved one during this pandemic?

New York State has mandated that our facility operate at  33% capacity at this time. We are asking anyone who enters the Funeral Home to practice safe Social Distancing and are requiring that EVERYONE wear a mask. We have taken most of the chairs out of our funeral chapels and are politely asking those who are not immediate family to make their visit brief and exit the funeral home immediately after paying their respects.